Our Story

Our new home now

We boast an extensive a-la-carte menu supplemented with blackboard specials. Our banquets are popular and affordable with a range of prices. We provide friendly efficient un-intrusive full-table service. The ambience is semi-casual, warm, relaxed and welcoming. We have comfortable cushioned seats with crisp linen table-cloths. And seating for 150.

The humble beginnings

We are the oldest Chinese restaurant in South Australia established in March 1965 at 165 Glen Osmond Road and now at 189 Glen Osmond Road. Featuring 2 fine dining rooms and exquisite traditional Chinese decoration.

Our first home on Glen Osmond Rd
Sheau May and Peter all those years ago...
The round door to fresh healthy food "with no MSG!"

A dynamic team

Owner and Chef • Restaurateur and Manager

The duo forms an excellent working partnership. Whilst Peter presides over the kitchen, ensuring that food is meticulously prepared, Sheau May manages the front with her uniformed staff, taking care of patrons, making sure that they are timely served and well looked after. Both believe in putting the patrons first – doing it with loving kindness, respect and tolerance. Both are committed to quality service, quality Chinese food and healthy eating.

Peter Tiong

Peter Tiong

Peter Tiong, the owner and chef, has been with the Pagoda since 1971. He lives, breathes, and spent the past 47 years serving top quality Chinese food, creatively blended to Australian taste buds.
Peter first started working part-time at the Pagoda to support himself through his university studies. Upon graduation and armed with an electrical engineering degree, he made his biggest life-changing decision to change career path and dedicate his life to dishing up top quality Chinese food. What inspired him towards excellence and to continually dish up healthy and quality Chinese food all these years were the happy and satisfied patrons.

Sheau May Chang

Restaurateur and Manager Sheau May Chang has been working at the Pagoda for 26 years. Since 1992, the Pagoda and Sheau May have been inseparable.
Sheau May has her distinctive way of looking after countless new and Pagoda’s long-time satisfied patrons. She has served as many as more than 2 million meals!
She is always happy to help you plan your menu and evening at the Pagoda. Look out for her friendly and efficient service.